EDC is following all CDC guidelines to provide a safe environment for your dancer when they are in our studio!

Please review the our procedure video to understand how we are implementing these safety standards.


At EDC, we charge a set price per hour, not per class. You may take as many or as few hours of dance per week as you wish. All classes are different lengths beginning at 30 minutes per week. You will pay tuition by the month for however many hours you dance per week. If you are a regular customer, you may pay this with cash, check, or a credit card. You may also log into the customer portal to pay online. If you are a drop in or guest customer, you must pay with cash or check only.

You may try any classes you think you are interested in for FREE one time before having to start monthly tuition. Do not worry, if it is not the beginning of the month, we will prorate the first month for you!

We do have a small registration fee that each student will have to pay one time per year as well.

Please call us at (910) 769-4824 or stop by our office for more information.

Classes Per Week

Our Recreational Dancers are not required to come to dance any particular amount of days per week. We try to make the schedule where all recreational styles are offered on one day that way the dancers are only there one evening per week, however if your recreational dancer is interested in coming to dance more than one evening per week we have an option for that as well. We think it is important to sit down with each family and discuss what they are looking for in terms of dance. We then make a personal schedule for each dancer that works best for the family’s interests.

Our Competitive Dancers also have a variety in requirement and commitment levels. Some dance 2 days per week and some dance 6. It really depends on what each family is looking for in terms of commitment.

Class Dress Code

For all ballet classes, female dancers are required to wear a solid color leotard, tights, and hair in a bun.

Male dancers are required to wear a black shirt and black shorts.

For all other classes, dancers are required to wear fitted dance wear or athletic wear. Leggings, Sports Bras, Dance Shorts, Fitted Tank Tops, etc. There are no specific color requirements, however loose fitted clothing such as sweat pants and t-shirts is only acceptable in hip hop.

Hair must always be securely pulled back out of face.

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